"Dr. Bendall is the best veterinarian that my wife and I have encountered in the ten years that we have had pets!  Last November our dog Roxy got sick.  She lost a ton of weight and was fading fast.  Our vet at the time tried a bunch of different tests, looking for parasites and organ irregularities.  Eventually she diagnosed Roxy with Campylobacter and prescribed antibiotics.  It didn’t work.  We kept taking Roxy back but got nowhere.  Soon our vet began avoiding us and it became obvious that she had no clue what was wrong with the dog and had given up. 

About this time my wife’s boss told her about Dr. Bendall, whom she said made house calls and was very good.  We decided to give Dr. Bendall a shot and it was a great decision.  He diagnosed Roxy’s problem, (which was a faulty pancreas) on the very first visit and had confirmation within a week.  Now Roxy is taking the right meds and has made a complete recovery.  I would recommend Dr. Bendall to anyone because of his great chemistry with animals and overall competence."

-Stefon A.



"Last fall my much loved 7-yr-old cat Hansel became very ill and was scheduled for euthanasia. A couple of hours before the scheduled appointment, I started calling mobile vets to see if someone could come do it at my house to spare Hansel the added stress of going into the vet's office. Fortunately, Dr. Bendall answered his phone and was able to come right over.

To make a very long story shorter, when Dr. Bendall saw Hansel and heard his story, he was convinced that there were still viable treatment options available for him that had not been offered to me by the vet we were seeing. Fast forward a few months, Hansel is perfectly fine, healthier than ever. Dr. Bendall is our guardian angel!"

-Denise M.