Doctor Bendall's Veterinary Housecall Practice offers specialized in home services including:

Anything beyond the scope of what we can accomplish at a housecall is referred to the closest recommended full-service hospital, specialist center, or emergency care facility.  Referral cases include those that need:

Doctor Bendall's  Veterinary Housecall Practice incorporates fully electronic medical records that can be faxed or emailed to a referral clinician at the touch of a button.  Dr. Bendall is also directly available by mobile phone if any additional questions arise.


This service is primarily designed for two types of clients: 

We are also very proud of our ability to dedicate more face-to-face doctor time to clients as compared to speaking with a technician or receptionist about your pet's needs.  This ability to dedicate more time becomes very important when reviewing extensive preventative care measures for your pet, evaluating complicated cases that may have many different clinical signs to monitor and treatments to administer, or evaluating criteria to determine whether your pet is in pain and how best to proceed. Face-to-face "doctor time" is the primary reason for increased exam fees within housecall practices.


Doctor Bendall's Veterinary Housecall Practice is designed to complement most full service hospitals while offering a specialized service to unique patients and clients.  We work closely with local hospitals to determine the best diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet.  We recommend being familiar with the closest day and night full service veterinary facility as well as the closest emergency hospital.  You can find more information on our recommended hospitals under the referral tab.   

How does it work?

New appointments can be scheduled several different ways: by filling out the online client registration form, by using our online appointment scheduler, or by calling the main business line at (512) 901-9100. Dr. Bendall carries a mobile phone but is often unavailable when with another patient.  If you reach the voicemail assistant, please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  We request at least 24 hours to return voicemails.  It is important to speak with Dr. Bendall prior to scheduling an appointment to decide if a housecall visit is appropriate for you and your pet.  

After a visit is scheduled, if you are a new client, please fax or email previous patient records to our office.  This allows Dr. Bendall to determine the best plan of action for preventative and continued care prior to the visit.  If you are unable to send digitized patient records, please have a hard copy available at the appointment for review.

Feline and canine patients should be isolated to an area where they can't hide under beds or couches prior to the visit.  Cats, primarily, have an uncanny ability of knowing when a vet is on the way.